All Work No Sew

Crazy week.  It is great to have a holiday and then you cram 5 days work into 4.  TGIF!

Thought about sewing a lot and pressed the hem of my dress ready to actually sew the hem and attach the collar,  I am having some concerns about how this dress is going to fit.  It may turn into a duster instead of a dress before it is complete.

I have so many ideas running through my brain for what I want to sew next.  I am gearing up for fall next even though it has been in the 90's all week.

More later!


  1. Ditto to all of this - the week feels so long when it's short, LOL. I've been thinking a lot about my 1/2 done project; want to get it sewn up this weekend and out of my hair! And on to some fall projects...

    1. I am in the final stage of my current project and so ready to move onto my next project for fall!


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