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As a member of the Sew a Garment A Month group on Facebook, August idea was to select three patterns from stash and then narrow this down to one.  Being a person who normally deviates from rules from time to time, I pulled five pants patterns, most recently purchased-meaning purchased this year-and read through some of the instructions with two of them.  I then proceeded to go a totally different route and decided to make a denim dress using this McCall's pattern.

I have had this fabric in stash only for a short period of time.  I purchased the same time that I bought a stretch denim from JoAnn's to make a trial version of the Jalie Eleanor pull on jeans earlier this year.

I have cut around the pattern pieces and will do pin fitting later.

I continue to avoid sewing pants.  It just feels like a hassle.  And for me probably a lot of fiddling with the fit.  I am short in length from waist to hip, not the normal 7-9 inches below the waist.  I now have a flatter rear, when it once was very round.  I have a tummy pouch. My front and back have changed positions. 🙁  I can buy pants from Talbots Petites and they fit very well with a few exceptions.  They can be pricey as well, yet they hold up well with a lot of wearing so I do think I get my money's worth.

Still I need to put to use all the Craftsy lessons on pant fitting I have watched.

More later!


  1. I've made quite a few pairs of pants that suit me and fit quite well. As a matter of fact all of the pants that I wear are self made with the exception of my jeans. However it has been more than a year since I've made a pair and I now feel that I need new ones. Since it's been so long since my last pair I feel as though I'm starting all back over from scratch. Consequently, I've been procrastinating on pants sewing. I've been looking at pants patterns all week and have finally decided to pull my old TNT pants pattern back out to start tweaking the fit again. Construction is easy, but pants are not the easiest thing to fit.

    1. I so agree with you about pants not being easy to sew.


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