Swing Skirt to Work

Today I wore my new Sybil Illusion Swing Skirt.  I was going to wait until I completed the red tank top and cardi, I wanted something new to wear so I knew a RTW teal/aqua colored top would go with the skirt as well.

I took some photos before work this morning and decided to take them in a diffferent location instead of the second bedroom or the hallway.  The kitchen became the new location.

Front view-I played with the lighting on Cyberlink Photo software

Side view-this is truer color of teal top and skirt

Waist line

I wore the white crochet type cardi just for a little warmth in my overly cooled office
I enjoyed wearing the skirt; it is a style that I don't wear often, normally sticking to pencil style skirts. In a previous post I spoke about the control panel.  After wearing for a few hours, it became annoying.  It rides up and even though I tacked it to the side seams it rising up and pulling.  I think the panel needs to be larger through my stomach hip area, it stops at my hip.

For a quick fix I plan to insert a gusset in the front area to give a little more width; the other solution is to add a piece at the side seams to let it out some.  There is a dropped yoke skirt in this collection and I think the control panel would work best for that one and perhaps for the pencil style.

Other than the control panel annoyance, I truly like the skirt and the quick and easy sew.  My fabric feels good also.  I think there will be a next time for this style for fall to wear with boots, I will leave off the control panel.

I think the size runs true to size.  This was based on using your waist size for the correct size for this swing skirt.

I have some other Love Notions patterns to try.  But first will complete the red tank and cardi.


  1. I wouldn't have been able to wait either. It's a very cute skirt, why didn't you twirl?

  2. Really pretty skirt. Hopefully it is more comfortable to wear after you make adjustments. It looks great with the teal top and white shrug. I had never heard of LoveNotion patterns before. They have some interesting designs.

    1. Thank you! I had not heard of them either and I think I found them through Kollabora or Indie Sews. They do have some interesting patterns and I have purchased a few of their top patterns.

  3. I was wondering how the control,panel,would work, when I read about it in your review. Now I know. But still the skirt is wonderful . Looking forward to seeing it with the red cami and cardi.

    1. Glad you know. after I added a triangle piece to mine, it sits much better. I think I will use wider elastic next time also. I have yet to find the right red cami and cardi to go with the skirt.


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