Work No Sew

This week I spent two days traveling.  Before I left town on Monday, I locked myself out of my house and spare house keys were not in hiding place.  I then remembered I took them out of the hiding place.  So had to call DH to come home and unlock the house.  I had to go to a neighbor's house to use their phone as I left my cell phone next to the keys.  :-(

It also was the most humid day of the month thus far so I am "glowing" waiting at my neighbor's home for husband to come home; their A/C was not set cool enough for me, stressing out makes me "glow" more. My inner thermostat is set much higher than it use to be!

So my business travel got off to rocky start.  Thank goodness no car trouble or anything else occurred on this trip.

I had hoped to visit a JoAnn's while in Richmond; I was not able to do so.  I did not find any other fabric stores pop up on phone search using Verizon navigator.  There used to be what I thought was a great Hancock's on Midlothian in Richmond; we all know that Hancock's is no more.

I came home last evening and found Vogue Fabric Swatches had arrived in the mail.  So I am going to sit down shortly and thumb through this and day dream about sewing.

I am going to be on a staycation next week and made mental plans for what I want to sew then.

More later.


  1. Must be the month for locking oneself out - I did the same last week!

    1. You made me feel better to know that others do the same thing. It was not a good feeling to be locked out of your home!

  2. I once called Pop-A-Lock as I had locked the keys in my car - in my own driveway. When the person got to the part where they ask how I heard of them, my recent history popped up on her screen and she exploded in laughter as she choked out the wor, " nevermind".

    And then there was the morning I stepped out to say goodbye to my boyfriend wearing cotton slippers, a robe and a smile. Minus 10 degrees - 12" of snow on the ground ........

    I stopped getting mad at myself years ago and accepted it as a fact of life.


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