Window shopping

I went to Macy's yesterday for skincare products and decided to do a little window or snoop shopping, however you may want to describe it. I saw several sweater type jackets of interest as well as several dresses.

I found the quality to be not to good bad.  One sweater had faux leather trim along the front zipper closing that was puckered and top stitched badly.  There was no stabilizing elastic or seam tape to keep the shoulders from stretching and drooping.

There were other issues as well.  With every item I looked at, I kept saying you would sew this garment much better.  I even have similar fabric or know where to acquire it!

I am looking forward to some quality sewing time this weekend.  It has been a long work week and sewing is such a good way to rid one of stress.


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  2. I know the feeling :( Happy SEWING :)

  3. I love to snoop shop and check out the construction details.

  4. I totally concur with what you are saying! I went to some higher end stores and the sewing was as bad as the mass market stores! Yes the fabric was of a better quality but the sewing was ghastly! If I want sloppy sewing, I can do that very well myself - thanks but no thanks! ;-)


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