Sewing progress for Friday

My staycation time is running out and as I said previously I have ambitious sewing plans when I am off but do not accomplish all that I set out to do. One skirt finished, one skirt UFO hemmed.

Today I made fitting adjustments to Vogue 9004.  I had to make FBA of 1.5 inches, some what of challenge with two separate front pieces.  Usual FSA, swayback, horizontal tuck upper chest and back to raise the under arm area.

I decided to use the navy blue fabric and not color block with the skirt fabric.  This way I have more wearing options with the top with other skirts and pants.  I am making the version with sleeves.

I did sign up for the Tee Shirt Contest on Pattern Review.  Not sure why I do these things, perhaps thinking it will motivate me to sew and accomplish more.  I signed up for the Pattern Stash contest and made one pattern that fit the criteria.  Today reading the reviews there was one sewist who posted over 10 entries I think.   I think I like the contest when you are sewing something specific, sewing dinner napkins using a stash pattern is just too easy.  I have several tee shirt patterns, the rule is to make X tee shirts using one pattern. Now to find my perfect TNT Tee Shirt pattern.

More later.


  1. From one Linda to another - could you share a little of that sewing motivation that never ever seems to run dry with me???


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