Weekend update

Yesterday was supposed to be a nice sewing day. However the morning started off with computer issues. It ended up requiring me to call the GEEK SQUAD.  This led to two hours of online work to the computer.

All seem to be well, but then monitor blew. Visited the GEEK SQUAD at Best Buy. I now have a new monitor, that now goes with the new computer. It is a touchscreen monitor. I'm just happy everything is working again. It is amazing how much we have become dependent on computers.

So today I installed Dragon Speak. That was the plan for yesterday morning. I'm now using it to dictate this post. Due to constant neck and shoulder issues I hope that this will help eliminate some of the problems I have when doing a lot of typing. I use Dragon speak at work and that's why I decided to try it for home. Of course at work the software was my employer's costs. This one is mine and I think it will be worth it.

Now off to the sewing room with updates later.


  1. Yes, computers are hard on the neck area. It will be interesting to see how you go with voice blogging.

    1. Sarah Liz, so far this has gone well. I am actually using Dragon Speak to respond to your comment. You just have to get used to dictating, or at least I do, and hopefully the dictation will be typed correctly. It is fairly easy to make corrections though sometimes I have had to type myself.


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