McCall's Blouse

I am making good progress on the McCall's blouse.  I am not following the pattern instructions on this one at this time.  The instructions have you sew the the upper front and back together at the shoulders and side seams.  Next you saw the front bottom pieces and the back bottom pieces together and then sew them together at the side seams.  Then you attach the bottom pieces to the top pieces.  Now if you have to make fitting adjustments you have to remove stitches at the seams that attach the top and bottom pieces and then you make have to undo the side seams to get in there and make those adjustments.

By sewing the bottom front to the top front pieces and doing the same for the back, you will then sew the shoulders and sides together.  You then have one continuous side seam and adjustments are easier to make.

Progress so far has been made with front and back units.  The blouse is now attached at the shoulders.  Because the blouse has a front band that you attach to the front of each front piece, I plan to baste this and baste side seams to take my first fitting.  I may need to made adjustments to the front and/or back princess seams of the bottom pieces.  Or I may only need to adjust the side seams.

I am also going to use the ruffle piece with this blouse.  I have already developed a design idea with this ruffle that will be different from the pattern instructions.  More later.


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