Ending and Beginning

I added the neckband to the New Look top.  Sorry, no photo to show at this time.  With all the adjustments I made I am not happy with this top.  There is still something off about it.

After attaching the neckband, the right back shoulder area looks stretched out of whack.  I snugged up the neckband on that side and it still stands away from my body but the left side fits as it should.  I have decided that this top will be something I will wear around the house.  I have spent enough time on it and I can say I learned something about fitting adjustments that I know now that I can use in the future.  Thus I am ending this project and have decided to also end my cold weather sewing.  It is still cold here in my neck of the woods, I am just ready to move onto spring sewing.

With today being March 1, it is time to begin work on my March Garment of the Month.  I had previously posted that I would make a Vogue knit dress, that will be later in the month.  I also signed up for the Intermediate Fitted Blouse Contest at Pattern Review; not the first time I have signed up for PR contests.  I either don't finish in time or others use more patterns or use more fabric to win the stash and pattern contests.
Thus to meet both deadlines, I have decided to sew a blouse for the garment of the month.

From McCall's Patterns Website

This is the blouse.  I made this blouse a couple of years ago.  I made view B previously but did not include the ruffle.  I have auditioned several fabrics from my stash-decisions, decisions, decisions!


  1. Eh. Sorry the top didn't work. But like you, I tend to cut my losses and move on. A new and better prohect awaits! :)

    I have other things I should sew but yep...I'm moving on to tees and shorts and dresses. I'm completely over this winter.

    1. Today was in the upper 60's, loved it. Tomorrow calling for sleet and snow. The weather is crazy. I am so looking forward to spring.

  2. I have that shirt pattern but have not yet made it up. One day perhaps. Look forward to seeing your version.

    1. Thanks Vicki. My first try with this pattern was a couple of years ago; hoping this version will turn out well also.

  3. This looks like a nice fitted blouse pattern for the contest! Looking forward to seeing the finished product on you!


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