Sunday, July 07, 2013

Final tweaks

The Laurel dress is finally complete.  I was very good about noting all the changes I made to the dress.  I may decide to retrace the pattern transitioning to smaller size in the areas where I made large adjustments.  And then.... I may just make those adjustments to the current pattern.

One change I made was raising the neckline on the front piece, yet dummy me did not do that for the back.  I will just call that little mistake a design change I made.  Here are two photos of the final fittings.  I was wanting to make sure about the length of the dress after pinning the hem in as well as viewing the side view.


  1. Love the dress--the fit looks great IMO. Enjoy wearing it!

  2. Such a pretty floral dress. Very nice work even with your serendipitous design element!

  3. Love your Laurel, the print is so pretty!

  4. I love the fabric, Linda. And the nice thing about Laurel is that it's so easy, you can make it again and again!

  5. This came out great! The fit is really perfect, and your print is so adorable.



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