More fitting, more sewing

Let me say that I am going to like this dress once I get all the fitting issues taken care of.  This pattern runs large on me, especially from waist to hemline.  Some of the extra width is due to the FBA I did and I needed/should have adjusted the width for that.  20/20 hindsight is so helpful afterwards!!!!!

I also took two darts in the back neckline to take out some fullness there.  My front and back are two different pattern sizes.  Back darts were taken in also.  I ended up taking 1.5 to 2 inch seams from waist to hemline.  I recognize that this dress is styled more for A-line and not really a look that is good for me IMHO; I tapered the side seams from hip to hemline to make it straighter more so than  this /\.

Sleeves are basted in for fitting as the shoulder may be too long.  This may require deeper seam in that area or trimming and then inserting sleeve. Have some family 4th of July events planned today so sewing time will be limited. Updates to follow



  1. Love the hindsight vision.ha.. I do it quiet frequently..
    Looks like you have gotten the fitting worked out.. and a pretty dress is coming. Happy sewing.


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