Photos of Burda 127

I have to say that the outcome for this top was disappointing.  When I tested the ruffles on this before I sewed it I thought that it was going to show up well.  The photos clearly show that they really get lost in the design of the fabric.  I have at least perfected the fit of the top for me so I may try a solid color in the future, not near future though.  Too many other things I want to work on.

Without further ado, here are some photos of the top.  This is after coming home from work and did not touch up the makeup nor did much to the hair, the wind was rough on it today.

This is the back and front of the ruffled sleeves.  This is about the only way you can see them.

Here I am wearing it with the sleeves at full length before hemming.

Here are the sleeves at the right length.

As you can tell I raised the neckline and perhaps I could have kept some of the depth.  Again some thoughts for another top for the future.


  1. Love that fabric, it made such a nice top.

    1. Thanks Faye! It did not meet my expectations yet it is a top I will wear.

  2. I, too, love it...LOVE the looks so comfy!!

  3. I've made this same top and love it but have to adjust the neck binding on mine as it was too long. For your future version I would lower the neck a tad, definitely keep the sleeve length adjustments (that was ridiculously long before, crazy Burda) but DEFINITELY make this again. The only thing that I don't think is favorable on your top here is just the placement of the print of the fabric across your bustline (the white). It throws off the proportion of it and the gathering on the shoulders gets lost in the print a tad, but I think the white across the bust really hurts this. If it's just a little bit lower, a completely different top I think as the print is lovely.


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