I  finalized the fit of this pattern so I can cut out the fabric.  I made my usual adjustments-swayback, forward shoulder, 1.5 inch FBA, 3/8 horizontal tuck in upper chest and back.  The serger and sewing machine are set to sew.  I only need to cut out the fabric.

I had great sewing plans for this afternoon and then I did a stupid thing backing out of my driveway this AM, doing some minor (feels like major) damage to bottom edge of front fender.  I turned too much and hit the a low rock wall that runs along the edge of the driveway.   I am not a good backing out the driveway driver at all.  It is fixable without major work but still---.  I kept stewing over it and just cold not put it aside to start sewing the dress.

I did complete some UFO's that needed small fixes.  One was to hem the sleeves on the Burda top and now that is wearable.  I made a blue skirt several months ago but needed to tack the lining at the front split, now that is done and will finally wear this.  My faux reptile suede skirt needed to be taken up at the side seams from waist to just below hip, now complete and in the laundry pile.

So Tweedledee, Tweedledum, tomorrow is another day!!!


  1. You've been busy...can't wait to see what you've finished!!


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