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The Burda top is complete except for hemming the sleeves.  Gosh they are long!!!!  Even reducing the length they are still very long.  I understand from reading PR reviews for this top that the hem width is wide so you can turn back the sleeve and have a cuff.  

I did not get that from the instructions (surprise!!!) and when you look at the model's version you might guess that and then you might not.    The top is really more of tunic and I took about about 1.5 inches when drafting the pattern.  There were two lengths to choose from and I ended up choosing the shorter length and it was still long on me.  I cut off another 1.5 inches before actually hemming the top.

The ruffles on my top are somewhat hidden when I have it own and I think that is because of the print of the knit.  When you look at it laying on table, you can see the ruffles better.  I will take photos to post later.

My next project is

I cut out the pattern pieces and made many of my usual adjustments.  I need to pin fit this to determine if I need a FBA.  Most likely I will.  One can always hope.

Photos and more to follow.


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