Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mixed feelings

I am almost finished with the Butterick top (pictured in the upper side bar) and I have very mixed feelings about the top.  It will probably become one of those tops that I will wear mostly around the house.  We will see after I add the collar.

In previous post I mentioned that this is a short top!  I added an inch to the length and believe me it is still a short top.  You can see this with the model; and even pin fitting the top I thought that an inch addition would be sufficient.  With that an extra inch it comes just, I mean just, to the bottom of the waist band on my jeans.

There is nothing but scraps left over from cutting out the pattern, so not any extra to use creatively to lengthened this top.  I think it will look okay with a tank top underneath that is longer than this top.  These are just the mixed thoughts I have in wanting to make this top work.

The sleeves are very full from elbow down and I knew that they would be again from the view on the pattern envelope.  I wasn't sure how I would like them and I am pretty sure I don't.  I plan to mark from elbow down eliminating some of the fullness in that area. They are also very long and I always have to reduce sleeve length about an inch to 1 1/2 inches.  Even reducing the length they are still long.

I also like the asymmetrical top included in this pattern and plan to give that a try also.  I do know that I will raise that neckline and perhaps reduce the width of it as well.  I can tell from the current top before attaching the collar that it is wider and lower than I would wear it if it did not have the collar.


  1. Such a bummer when patterns don't turn out as nicely as one hopes. But it's good you are already thinking of ways to make it work out better next time around.

    1. We all experience this every so often. I have not even hemmed the top and will probably try to use a rolled hem or something similar using my serger so that I don't shortened the top any more. Everyone needs a lounging at home top!!!

  2. That's too bad, Linda! I have made the asymmetric top from that pattern, but not the top you made. Be aware on the asymmetric top that there is a lack of shoulder shaping. It worked for me because the knit was so stretchy, but if you read the pattern reviews, others had problems with the neckline.

    1. Thanks for feedback on that top. When I look at the neckline it does look like it could fall of the shoulder if you don't make some adjustments. I have rather narrow shoulders and felt like this could be a problem. I will check reviews at PR



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