Monday, November 05, 2012

Magic Pencil Skirt

Today was much colder and when it gets like this I tend toward wearing pants.  Another alternative is opaque hose or tights.  So today I decided to wear the latest version of the Magic Pencil Skirt in a black and white geometric print.

The cardigan and tank top are items I have had in my wardrobe forever and then some.  They are from the Misook line of clothes and rather costly.  Yet I have gotten more wear from these items and proved that the price was a good investment.

The skirt fabric is a double knit leftover from a dress project where the main fabric is the geometric print and the yoke is black.  I acquired this fabric from Fabric Mart and it has proven to be one of the better double knit fabrics that I have purchased.  Shoes are black patent leather from Nine West acquired from Zappos.

I really like this pattern.  I sewed back darts but none in the front.   If you click on the photo the gizmo in my ear is my blue tooth.  I use the darn thing so much that I forget I have it on most of the time.


  1. I like the print on that skirt! I have been thinking of getting this pattern, and seeing your version is making me want to buy it now!

  2. I love how this looks on you! And isn't it amazing quickly it's gotten cold and dark!

  3. Fabulous looking and fitting skirt ! I love how you're styling it and you look just like a model.

  4. Love the print. This will be a great addition to your wardrobe I'm sure. The whole outfit is very chic.

  5. Your outfit looks great! You look so well put together.

  6. Great looking work outfit. I also tend to wear pants when the weather get cold.

    1. Thanks Audrey. Sitting at a desk most the day and not everyone liking the same temperature in the offices tends to feel chilly after awhile so pants keep me warm in the winter.



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