A few tweaks to be completed

Saturday night I serge finished all the seams for the skirt and the skirt lining.  Speaking of the lining, I did not have enough of the navy blue ambiance lining fabric and had to switch to black.  I now have a color blocked lining.

Yesterday, I made great progress on the skirt with front and back pieces completed along with the front and back lining pieces.  I then basted the side seams for fitting and found that the skirt was rather large and needed some tweaks.  The view I am making which is View B has several front and front side seams that I took deeper seams for a better fit through the front.  The upper back part of the centered back seams fits well but could be taken up from the hip down.

One of my normal fitting adjustments on most skirts is to reduced the length from waist to hip usually by about 2 inches.  Sometimes I add length to the hemline to compensate for the two inch reduction; sometimes I forget to do this and I end up with a shorter skirt/dress than anticipated.  This time I added the two inches and during the fitting, determined I did not need those two inches.  The hem is a two inch hem for this skirt and without adding the extra length, the skirt will fall at the appropriate place on my leg without the extra two inches.  So I marked and cut off the additional length.

That is where the sewing ended for the weekend.  Maybe this week will be  less stressful work wise and can find some energy to sew after work to complete this.  I want to make a top/blouse to go with the skirt next using some of the fabric recently acquired from Fabric Mart.

Photos and more later.


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