UPS and USPS delivers

I received my Style Arc patterns earlier this week.  I am excited to give them a try.  I just hope that I picked the right size.  Since they are not multi-sized, I went with what I thought would be the right size.  I have read several reviews of these patterns and decided that I would buy what I would buy in ready to wear.  My body is all over the place when it comes to sizing and I am petite also which makes lengthwise adjustments necessary also.

I also ordered from Sew Baby the My Image pattern magazine for spring/summer and that arrived the same day as well.  I have posted a note on my computer saying "No more patterns for three months".  I really have more than enough and really need to list some for others who may have a need/desire for some that I have that I know will never get made.

Yesterday the postman delivered the Spring 2012 Vogue Fabric swatches.  There are numerous fabrics in this one that I am truly drooling over.  I see something of those arriving to my house soon.  And I also received some fabric from EOS.  I got the final 2.33 yards of this cotton woven with Lycra and may have to change my plans on what this will become.  Originally I was thinking dress, but a skirt will work also.

Updates later.  Off to work on the green dress.


  1. Are you going to show your new patterns?

  2. Can't wait to hear your take on the Style Arc pattern!


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