Shrug it off

I really like the eShrug pattern from Sewing Workshop.  It just doesn't work for me.  Sometime back I posted about making this shrug.  I screwed it up the first time using some inexpensive knit lace fabric.  The second was a little tight. 

Yesterday, I attempted to make the next size up, Size 2.  It was huge; I also elongated the sleeves as well as the top using the download instructions for SW to do so.    I used some knit fabric that was black, white and gray stripes; it too had been in my stash for over 8 years.  Because the shrug was so big I think I can salvage the fabric and turn it into at least a cami/tank top.  If not, I will give the shrug to Goodwill.

My next attempt was to draft the pattern between Size 1 and Size 2.  In the end, this was a better fit, but the back, no matter what version I use hikes up in the back and just does not fit around the back of the neck well.  I have decided that 4 attempts is enough.  There are some other patterns out there that I think will work better.  So I am shrugging off making this pattern.

So I will once again focus on other knit tops I want to make.  I also need to get my act together on participating in the SWAP 2012.  I actually pulled some fabric from stash yesterday than I think I will use in developing my plan.



  1. As a short person SW patterns never worked for me. Over the years, what transpired was that the closer the designer was to my size the better the fit. This has ruled out MANY independent designers.


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