Sewing-this and that

I have continued to do some clearing and cleaning in the sewing room.    It is looking much better and now I feel I can start some new projects. 

I am doing a remake of this skirt.  I completed the skirt and wore it once to work.  It did not pass the wearability test at all.  I was pulling that skirt up all day and the longer the day, the looser the skirt became.  I know I skipped an important step and that was applying fusible or sew in stay tape to waist line.

The pleather front yoke has a knit backing and I think by not stabilizing that it grew!  I like the skirt pattern and made a blocked skirt in black and tan that did wear well.  So I decided to undo side seams and take deeper seams.

Well that proved to be very painful because of having to undo topstitching, under stitching, seam sewing----.  So because of my cleaning out the sewing room, I realized I had enough brown fabric and pleather just to make another skirt.  This would allow me to appropriately stabilize the waist line area.

I also decided to try a technique that was in a Threads magazine (Oct/Nov?-the cover is a red lace dress).  This has you sew the lining to waist band, then stitch darts in both fabric and lining and then have one continuous side seam sewing.  This technique will allow for ease of adjusting darts as well as side seam allowances without having to undo half of the skirt before making adjustments.

So I have been working on the new skirt starting last evening and much of the morning today.  I will have completed this by afternoon.  Will take some photos later.


  1. Nothing worse than hitching your skirt up all day - all because of a forgotten strip of tape!!! Good luck with the new version...


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