Start of the Holiday parties

After a very stressful week at work, the ending of the week has begun for me the start of various holiday parties.  My Rotary club kicked off the week with an event Thursday night, which because of work I was not able to attend.  Our agency had its annual meeting which became close to a four hour event.

Today I will be going to our annual ASG Holiday luncheon at a local country club.  I had truly hoped that I could complete my faux shearling jacket in time for the event; I realized Tuesday evening that I would not meet the deadline unless I spent time into the wee hours working on it.  Unfortunately I am way past the age when I could go to bed at 2 AM and get up at 5AM to get ready to work a full 9+ hour workday.  Accepting this reality, I will present my jacket at next month's show and tell.

The real fun for me with this event is the opportunity to enjoy time with people who love to sew, eat great food and have a genuinely good time.

I will say that my jacket is coming along nicely.  I have inserted the zippers into each sleeve.  I had to cut out another set of sleeves; fortunately I had enough fabric to do that!  In reading the reviews on PR it was noted that the sleeves ran small.  Based on the measurements on the pattern piece, I thought the size I cut would work nicely.  NOT!  If you wear say a heavier sweater under the jacket the sleeves will be very tight fitting and I believe uncomfortable.  I think some of the tightness also relates to the thickness of the fabric I am using, as faux shearling is thick.  Having to re-cut another set of sleeves created a slow down in the sewing momentum also.

I eliminated the back belt as it looked wide on me, rather bulky and unflattering.  I will adjust the back to fit closer through the various back seams.

Enough for now, have to go now to get ready for today's luncheon.  Later!


  1. that is interesting about the sleeves. I just made a faux fur of a much thinner fabric for 5year old GD. it was Simplicity 3940 and I lined the whole jacket. just hope it fits as she is in UK. Have a great evening with the ASG. Your are right so wonderful to meet other sewists.


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