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sewing something else besides the Vogue faux leather jacket.  I am down to the last few areas to stitch. Then hem and trim those seams.  I only got about two hours of sewing time yesterday and I had a real challenge with sewing the collar and the facings to the jacket.  My sewing machine is getting tired of sewing this fabric!

Attaching the collar was actually a breeze; the collar pattern is drafted very well and all markings etc lined up as it was suppose to.  The challenge came with when sewing the facings to the neckline.  I am now sewing three, thick layers of fabric;  I am talking THICK fabric.  One issue was my needle by this time is dull and the thread kept breaking.  Changing the needle of course helped a lot, but we are still sewing thick fabric and the walking foot was not "walking" over the fabric well.   At this point I adjusted the presser foot presser which helped some.  Then I get to sewing over the shoulder seams which in those areas made the sewing even more a challenge.  All of this took about an hour.  By then I was tired and was rather late.  I decided to stop there until tomorrow.  I could feel myself getting flustered and likely to make more mistakes.

All I have left to do now is sew the facings down the front.  Make a lower back adjustment, hem the jacket with the machine and hem the sleeves, trim those seams.

All in all this has been a challenge to me and actually one that I have learned from.

I am so ready after this to tackle some knit tops, a few blouses and some more skirts.  I also want to make a cape.  I have some great fabric purchased over the past four years or so that would make up into a nice winter cape.  So I am dreaming of some new challenges and new clothes for the future.

I have vacation time coming up during the Christmas holidays and my sewing plans are ambitious ones.  I will get several complete I am sure.

In dreaming of some other sewing projects, I have burned up the Internet of late with some fabric purchases.  More show and tell later.  I am off to sew now.


  1. I'm jumping on the cape caravan as well--which pattern will you use? I just got Paco Peralta's cape pattern, and found several pieces in my stash that might work.

  2. Amazing how much one learns from sewing with thick heavy fabric.

  3. I'm anxious to see the fabrics you have found online. Glad you have some time off over Christmas for sewing, and that your jacket is nearly finished. Woo Hoo!

  4. Glad to hear you are nearing the finishing line on your jacket and looking forward to seeing it. Lucky lady to have the holiday off from work and know you will enjoy working up instant gratification projects.


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