It’s almost a skirt

I had an opportunity to try on the skirt this evening after work.  I added the lining and prior to doing that, I had taken deeper side seams on both the skirt and lining. I may let out the seams a little as I am seeing some puckers.  Those could be where I need to press the seams again or perhaps not.

I thought I would take a few photos of how the skirt will look when finished.  I need to sew the front and back facings together and then attach to the skirt.  Then hem the lining and the fabric.

Butterick color blocked skirtButterick color blocked side view-blurryButterick color blocked semi-back view








I made the decision to use a black exposed zipper.

I plan to make another skirt from this pattern but use one of the other views.  I think after that I will make some jackets.  Time for a new direction and a new sewing challenge.


  1. Neat skirt pattern! It looks really good on you.

  2. Your skirt looks very nice. I'm about to sew this one as well.

  3. Cool skirt! Exposed zips are all the rage. Did you watch PeggySagers webcast Monday night? It was all about zips, including exposed. If you didn't catch it, the webcasts are on her website. But, I'm thinking you watch them live.

  4. That's such a fun skirt. I've sewn that pattern a few times, but not this version. I really like the addition of the exposed zipper


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