For sometime now DH and I have wanted to purchase a new bed, Tempur-pedic bed.  So setting aside funds to do so, we were able to get our new bed delivered yesterday.  It is everything I expected and then some!!! Not affiliated with the company so this is not an advertisement, etc. for them.  Just only expressing my humble opionion and sharing a little of what happened yesterday.

With all that going on and getting bedroom prepped, no sewing took place yesterday.

This AM I have been going at a fast pace of making the Butterick skirt.  Front and back pieces are sewn.  Next zipper, side seams, lining made and insert, hem and new skirt.  More later.


  1. So you are sleeping well! My oldest son has one of those mattresses and absolutely loves it. But I hate taking off the mattress cover for laundering. The zipper, located around the bottom edge, is hard to get to in the headboard area.


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