Back from Charleston

I returned from Charleston, SC on Wednesday evening.  I enjoyed my visit but would have liked to have had a few more days to see more of the city.  I spent Tuesday AM in downtown Charleston and a lot of time walking around the City Market and visiting shops close to that area.

I saw a sign for Hancock's Fabrics but did not have time to stop and shop.  I ate some fabulous food while there; perhaps really more than I should have.

I did find a pair of shoes at a really neat shoe store that was within an air conditioned area of the city market.  It is called Charleston Shoe Company.  They are comfortable and affordable shoes. Here is a link to their website, if interested.

Here is a really blurry shot of the shoes I bought.  They are sooooo comfortable. The fabric is a stretch fabric.  Most all of their shoes are washable in the delicate cycle.



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