Reading and Sewing

I love to read, particularly mysteries. I agreed when requested to read “Pleating for Mercy”, a first in a series. This mystery falls into the “Cozy Mystery” category. This is a rather new category of mystery reading for me.  I tend toward the more suspense, action and graphic depiction of a murder.  This was a nice change.

The other enjoyment of the book was that the main character is a dressmaker/seamstress/sewist that designs and sews garments. She left her hometown to live in NYC where she trained and worked for a designer of high end fashion. She has returned to her small hometown of Bliss, Texas.
In returning to Bliss, she moves into her great grandmother’s home where she reopens the Button and Bows shop. Throughout the book there are many references to designing, altering and sewing garments. If you are a sewist/seamstress, then you can easily identify.

Harlow Cassidy, the main character, is a descendent of Butch Cassidy. A murder occurs in the front yard of Button and Bows and Harlow sets out to help discover and solve the mystery. The author does a good job of balancing a “who done it” suspense with every day life which makes for a pleasant cozy mystery read.


  1. Thanks for the book review Linda! I love to read too and recently got a Kindle. I thought I would miss the weight of a book and the feel of page turning, but I am actually loving it. Plus soon I will be able to "borrow" library content on it! Love a good mystery and if sewing is discussed...even better!

  2. I recently purchased that book via Amazon and its next in line to read once I finish The Help.

  3. Thanks for putting me onto a new title. Like you I love to read mysteries, personally I go for female main characters and good dialogue. This one sounds interesting.


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