Dress in the making

I did not achieve my plan of completing Butterick 5460.  It was such a pretty day and a holiday so I spent time with family outside in the sunshine.  Here is how the dress looked Sunday AM

Front and back bodice stitched to front and back skirt.  Facings attached at neckline.  No side seams and no zipper at this time.  The pattern calls for stitching the front and back bodice, then facings then stitch to skirt.  I prefer to sew bodice pieces to skirt pieces, then attach facings and zipper next.  Then you have one continuous side seam.

Here is the dress with facings turned in:

I love this fabric.  It has been great to work with.  The colors in the dress look prettier in real time than in the photo.


  1. I really love that fabric!!! I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. This is coming along beautifully~ can't wait to see!

  3. This looks really great! That's such an interesting fabric print and it's turning out very well in that pattern.


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