I'm Back

Had a great time at the beach!  I would loved to have stayed longer.  Maybe next year!

I am still on vacation, DH went back to work today.  Me-I sewed all day long (well almost!)  I did stop to go to CURVES, then lunch, watched a sewing DVD and then showered.  Then back to sewing.  My back is feeling tired so decided I had to stop for awhile. 

I made a lot of progress on the Yellow Dress!  Not much left to do. Bodice and skirt are now attached.  I need to insert elastic.  I then have an elastic belt that needs to be covered with fabric.  I think I may have an issue with finding a buckle to use with the elastic belt.  I also have enough fabric to attempt to use belt backing and the like;  I am just not real sure I want to expend that much energy. 

Here are some photos of the dress in progress:

Completed bodice with neckline binding and hemmed dropped sleeves

Here is the bodice and skirt attached at waistline.  I still need to stitch the upper edge of the waistline to allow for the insertion of the elastic.

The upper bodice was underlined and the skirt I just attached lining at waist edge.  My intent is to have this finished tomorrow; hoping that I can find a belt buckle locally-keeping my fingers crossed.

I am thinking about making one more dress using the Vogue pattern I used for this dress

I am planning to get a jump start on some fall sewing.  I am certainly not ready for it; yet, I am always behind on having some transitional garments made. I plan to work on this by putting aside some fabric that I did and will not get around to for summer sewing.


  1. Welcome back! Your dress looks like it's coming along very nicely. I have got this pattern so I'm really interested to see your version when it's finished - I really like this style.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your vacation. The dress is coming along nicely and looking foward to the finale'.

  3. Love the color of the dress. Look forward to seeing the finished dress.

  4. Oh, that will be lovely! It looks so light and comfy for late summer.


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