Fall is approaching

This AM before work, I was reading a few pattern reviews and a few blogs.  I noticed Carolyn of Diary of Sewing Fanatic's blog heading-It's Here.  I immediately knew she was referencing the September Vogue, having been an avid follower of her blog for quite some time now. I was right, it was to let us all know that the magazine had hit the stands and she had a copy.   So at lunch, I headed to B&N and got a copy.  I decided to get Harper's Bazaar as well.  I will start my review this evening.

It has been raining a lot this week and today the temps were in the mid 70's, such a change from the 90's.  The rainy, overcast skies led me to think more about the coming fall months.  Tonight at dinner with DH, we discussed shoes and such.  This led to his commenting that I should be thinking about sewing fall clothing.  I told him that the dress on Alma Marie (dress form) was my last summer dress, and in fact that I had been thinking and planning on some fall sewing.  Now an hour later, I have decided that his comments are also to be interpreted as support to purchase some new fall fabrics that I have seen on line or swatches that have come in the mail through Fabric Mart and Vogue.  What a good enabler he is!

I think my sewing mojo will be revving up again soon.


  1. Nothing like a fabric purchase to jumpstart your sewing mojo! And lets not speak about that last Fabric Mart sale...I'm gonna have to stop getting the emails because I've ordered from them 4x in the last 3 weeks!

  2. I would agree with your the interpretation of your husband's comments!! Go and enjoy fabric shopping!!Look forward to seeing what your purchase.


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