Wow, I didn't blog anything this weekend. So much going on and the weather being so nice I find I vacillate between sewing and being outside doing "stuff".

I made a lot of progress with the white jacket and probably could have finished it on Sunday but the weather was so nice that I spent time outside with DH while he washed vehicles and did some yard work. By the time I decided to go back inside, it was time to start on dinner and then it was TV time for the rest of the evening.

Back to update on the jacket--this is an easy-peasy jacket to make. My only regret at this time is I wish I had lined the jacket. My fabric is a poly-gabardine,and I thought it was rather opaque and did not need lining. I also wanted it to be lightweight for summer and for cool offices. There will be some visibility of what I am wearing under the jacket from the back view. The sleeves are lined and I had enough white lining for that.

The only thing left to do at this point is to insert the sleeves, add shoulder pads and hem. Here is a glimpse of it before I pinned in the sleeves for sewing.


  1. It's coming along nicely! Also love the blue dress. I like how the spots are more concentrated at the bottom. The two pieces will look great together.

  2. Good progress! I love that you watch your hubby wash cars and do yardwork. Where do I find one like that!

  3. I thought I was going to be your 100th follower, but the number didn't change. Weird. You've making some really nice things lately. I can't wait to see the jacket finished. It'll look great with that pretty dress.


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