Stopped snowing, still sewing

I cannot believe how much snow we got again from this recent storm. They were predicting 6 inches, we got over 12. It was still snowing at midnight, though it had stopped for awhile. It always looks pretty but it is a bear to deal with the next day or two.

Great progress on the dress. Lining is complete as well as most of the dress fabric is complete. I like to make the lining first so I can tweak it to then transfer those changes to the fabric. Not a lot of changes necessary. I took deeper seam in upper chest and from under the bust down to hem on the front princess seams. I also took deeper seams in the back from upper back to waist.

The neckline is rather high, so I plan to scoop that out by about 1/2 inch before attaching the lining. I am not overly happy with the zipper I need to use. I just could not find a zipper that matched the fabric as well as I would like. Since it is an invisible zipper I am not over concerned.

I think this will be completed today. I know some time has to be spent helping DH shovel snow so I can go to work tomorrow. Hope to have some photos to show later. Off to sew.


  1. Can't wait to see the dress! Have a lovely sew and snow day!

  2. We only had 6 - 8 inches this time. Quite a relief after the 24 inches back in December!! School is closed tomorrow, so I will keep sewing as the boys play out in it! I understand they are calling for more on Wednesday!


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