Top is progressing

I decided to continue with sewing the Simplicity top and will cut out the McCall's blouse tomorrow.

This Simplicity pattern is going together well. I wanted to sew the yoke lining differently but I could not find my old instructions for sandwiching the yoke between the front and back. I have not sewn a yoked type blouse with a lining in sometime now. I am thus following the instructions with the pattern and this will result in the yoke seams being enclosed. It will require top stitching the layers together which is okay but there is another method that can be used that would not require that.

Here are some shots of the top when I stopped sewing to fix dinner. The yoke lining was pinned to the front shoulder area to be topstitched.

Below are two photos, one of the back that is gathered at the center back area and attached to the yoke. The bottom photo is of the center front neckline; there is a center front seam and pleats at the shoulders.
The fabric is proving to be a nice fabric to sew with. It was labeled as "Baby silk" at JoAnn's. It is not silk but a polyester. It is somewhat shiny or satiny on the right side and matte on the wrong side. It is somewhat ravely but not overly sew.
After top stitching the yoke area, I only have to sew the side seams and then hem the sleeves and top. There is a tie belt that I also will need to sew.


  1. Linda, I really love that fabric. That is going to be gorgeous on you. I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm going to have to look for that "baby silk" at JoAnn's. I love that Simplicity pattern, too. So versatile! I hope you have a wonderful Monday sewing.

    P.S.: I love the close-up 'tutorial shots' that you put in your posts. They really help a beginner like me!

  2. can't wait to see the finished product. i totally admire women who can sew.


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