A quick note!

It is Friday and I am on holiday!!!!!!!!

I spent time last night setting up coverstitch machine to hem my dress and to get the settings right so the hemming will not have tunneling. I am still learning this machine. I really do like it. Hems are pinned in place for sleeves and skirt hem so will finish that up today and it will be complete.

I then need to rethread serger and sewing machine to start on the Butterick dress. I also plan to take time to cut out two skirt patterns this long weekend so I can get going on two skirts I want to make. One is TNT and the other is one I have been wanting to make for some time now.

Off to fix my coffee and catch up on reading blogs.


  1. A trick that helps me with hems on my janome Coverpro is to set up sewing machine with washaway thread in bobbin and regular thread on the top. Then I sew the hem with right side facing the machine bed (the washaway is then sews on the right side). Then I take to the coverstitch machine and I have a guide to use to sew the coverhem. Simply then wash the garment or spritz the washaway thread and I have a nice hem that encloses the raw edge of the hem.

    Hope you have a fun filled sewing weekend.

  2. I envy your efficiency! Have a wonderful sewing weekend!


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