Latest wearability report

I wore my new dress and the knit jacket yesterday to work and to our local ASG meeting. The guest speaker owns the fabric shop in Charlottesville where I acquire the fabric for both garments. We normally meet for dinner prior to the meeting, so she, her husband and friend joined us.

When she walked into the restaurant and our president introduced her; she immediately recognized the fabric. I was pleasantly surprised and she said she may not remember the person's name but she knows her fabric and make the connections that way.

I want to say that I played around with the jacket collar before leaving work that AM. I was able to make the jacket more wearable for me by not turning the collar back. It is stitched at the center back in such a sway that I could make the collar lay more in a draped manner that turning back. That improved the wearability for me, thus making it a little more of a keeper. I loved the fit of the dress and by underlining it, IMHO, helped with reducing the wrinkle factor and was pleased with how well it held up for a work day wearing into a social evening wearing.

My DH truly admires the dress, that gives it 10 points for wearability right there. I already have plans and another vision of the next dress using the pattern. This will become a TNT for sure. I have learned quite a bit from Carolyn at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic and her designing ways with her TNT dress pattern.

But before I start on another version of this pattern, I want to make up the two knit dresses I posted about previously.


  1. That's terrific! I love having a TNT and changing it up. It's that early Shirley Adams method. I buy her patterns and gone to her seminars. Sometimes, it's just nice to sew without having to refit.

  2. I enjoy reading about what can be done with TNT patterns. Good luck with yours!

  3. I'm glad to know that you were able to make the jacket work for you! And that dress pattern has a lot of possibility so I can't wait to see your next version!

  4. Was the store in Charlottesville Les Fabriques? I like that store more each time I go there.


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