Jacket from the Past

I want to thank everyone for your comments on my green top. I mentioned in that post that I wore it with a jacket I made several years ago. The fabric is of unknown fiber to me, it looks something like silk shantung, I really don't know. I purchased it from a remnant table from a fabric store in the Orlando area, I forget the name of the store. I bought the fabric about 8 years ago and made the jacket probably 7 years ago. (And who says if you hold onto things for over a year without wearing them, you should get rid of it!) I wore the jacket many times after that before putting it aside.

One side of the fabric was green and black stripe; the other side was solid black and both sides were the "right" side. So I decided to take advantage of that. I decided to do decorative stitching on the solid black side and stitch it in the form of stripes. I have yet to use all decorative stitches on any sewing machine I have owned. One set of stripes is a satin stitch, the other is what I call a ladder stitch.

This is a Cutting Lines Design pattern. It is a rather boxy style jacket and somewhat like a jeans jacket- but not! Here are a few photos of the jacket:

Here is a shot of the back. I think I ran out of patience and/or time (most likely patience)thus I did not do a lot of decorative stitching on the back.


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