G Street

I can't believe that I am staying that close to G Street!!! I think the last visit to G Street was about three years ago. Omega, thanks for map directions. I have that plus my GPS so should be no problem. (yeah, right--I am directionally challenged) Last year I got lost going into Arlington using the GPS. I ended up going in circles for about 15 minutes. I pulled over at 15th and D Street, called the hotel and they said I was in DC. No kidding!!!! I knew that. They told me I had to get to 395. I did and found my way to the hotel. Life is an adventure!

The metro is available also. I do plan to travel to a mall-Foggy Bottom?-about three stories of shops. Can you tell I live in a small city, that does not have a Nordstroms or any other big name store?


  1. Lucky, lucky you! Better take an empty credit card!

    I cannot find my way out of a paper bag!

  2. You are welcome, you'll have a ball, better watch out I might beat you to the $2.97 table LOL. That & the button counter are my favorite spots in the store. ENJOY!

  3. If you know when you'll be there I might be able to get away & meet you there, it would be great to meet you. Let me know if you know timing.


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