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Back from my business trip to Fredericksburg. Starting semi vacation this AM. Semi, as I am also doing some work from home while also vacationing. It is budget season, I think that says it all. I have over $6M budget responsibility and I have great staff who are doing budgets as well. Team effort. Still time consuming process.

Okay, enough business talk.

I wanted to show you some recent fabric purchases made this month and this week.
Top two fabrics I acquired from Gorgeous Fabrics(GF). The left is a blend of some sort, a suiting fabric. Yet I will be making a dress from it as I was inspired by a dress at Macy's that is similar to the black dress from this Butterick pattern.

The upper right fabric is also from GF. It is grayish jersey. It was not quite what I expected. Hard to know from descriptions sometimes what the feel of the knit is like. The quality is good, I mean this is GF fabrics. It is just a knit that I shy away from as it could be clingy depending on style of pattern used. I just don't have a clingy body anymore. So I am thinking about several options for this knit.
The bottom photos are fabrics I acquired from Hancock's-Fredericksburg when not at meetings. The green and teal fabrics are knits with some beef to them. Not real heavy nor light. Probably similar to what some call Sophia or Juliet knits. The putty colored fabric is poly suiting with herringbone design. I have a similar fabric I purchased from Hancock's-Danville a few years ago that I have yet to make up.

I was so impressed with Sharon's jacket and her blog said to buy this pattern,

so I did that while at Hancock's as well. I also bought this one, again inspired by garments at Macy's or Belk's.


  1. I was also intrigued by Sharon's jacket, that should be pretty.

  2. I like Sharons jacket also. I have both these patterns. Can't wait to see yours made up.

    Have a great sewing vacation.

  3. Fun stuff! Enjoy your vacation. Mine starts Monday and I am going crazy waiting!

  4. Yes, Sharon has convinced me to purchase the same jacket pattern!

  5. Hope your semi-vacation is going well. And I'm glad to see I convinced you to get that Simplicity jacket pattern. I'll be waiting to see how yours looks.


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