First and foremost my DH's tests proved to be very positive. He was given a clean bill of health with both test. Thank you all for wishing us well.

After returning home, I spent some time responding to company emails and report writing. Around 3:30 I went to my sewing room to work on the jacket from h---! I came to realize this AM that part of the not wanting to sew is the darn jacket. No matter what I do the bottom portion of the front pulls to the side. It is not even a pull it just swings out and to the side. After sewing the lining to the sleeves, I turned up the hem on the jacket and tried it on.

The back puffs out at the back and the front continues to do what I described above. No matter what I have tried to do I can not remedy this. I attempted this jacket before and that one is an UFO. I had pulled out that jacket before starting this one. The same front issue occurred on that one. I thought it was a FBA thing, but that is not the case. I just don't want to work on this pattern anymore! UNCLE! I'm calling it.

I am disappointed because I really wanted a jacket to wear with the matching fabric skirt. The skirt is now a good fit and is at the cleaners for me to wear. I have another jacket that is one of those multi- colored jackets and I can find some color of the skirt in the jacket but it just is not right! I looked through my fabric collection and DH even assisted, I found two fabrics that are okay. One is more winter into spring type look so I am kind of leaning toward that one. The other fabric is more gray than taupe, yet the brown in the plaid of this fabric makes the gray look a little taupe where the gray and brown cross. I have to say the taupe fabric leans more toward a lavender shading.

I then came across a knit fabric that is yellow with purple/burgundy print. A nice color blend with the lavendar taupe skirt. I thought perhaps a cardigan and sleeveless top. I have a KS pattern that I made a short sleeve cardigan and sleeveless pullover so I think this will work for this fabric.

I need to decide on another jacket pattern. I am tossing this Vogue one. Others have used it with success, but twice for me and poor results is enough to call UNCLE!


  1. is the fabric pulling out on one side only on the one muslin, or does it do it on more than one garment from that pattern . I am wodering if the fabric on that side isn't truly on the straight of grain and may be pulling for that reason. If you have ever gotten a pair of jeans that the side seam pulled forward you will know exactly what I mean.

  2. Actually it is on both front pieces. I have a photo on flickr that shows the issue. It has truly stumped me!

  3. Ah, the world is full of patterns and adventures...it's time to toss this one and move onto a new adventure! I don't think every pattern is suppose to work for every body!

  4. ...and I'm very happy for you that DH passed his health tests with flying colors and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

  5. So happy to hear about your dh's test results, such good news. I agree with Carolyn, time for a new pattern!

  6. I agree with Carolyn--there are plenty more jacket patterns in the sea (or something like that).

  7. Great news regarding your HD's test results. Too bad about the Vogue jacket. I understand UNCLE oh too well having two jackets (UFO's)hanging in the closet. Good luck on the next jacket.


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