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First, thank you to all who have shared their prescription insurance issues with me. I am not taking no for an answer.

A great suggestion but unfortunately one I can not take advantage of is putting more funds in to my flexible spending account. That benefit went away a couple of years ago and I really miss it now.

Someone posed a question about how I am getting remarks or arrows on some photos I have on Flickr or posted here. I am using Picasa for most of my photo editing and I also use Picnic which allows me to put in additional shapes and such. I did use Photoshop but when I took my computer in the last time I did not put this back on the computer. The Firedog tech said that was a program creating some of my problems. I now don't think so but doing okay with two programs mentioned above.

Someone also asked what was FFRP-Fit For Real People. It is a book on fitting that I refer to the most when it comes to making pattern fitting adjustments.


  1. Hope your feeling better! I have never personally had prescription issues, but do have a special needs child, so i agree with everyone about appealing! stand firm in your fight!
    and don't worry about being OT, i love to read about your sewing adventures, but i am also a real person, with a real life and with that comes real issues.
    this topic may come up in my life at some point and without reading your story and the story of others, i may not be prepared for what to do.
    so thanks for sharing!


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