Not much actual sewing going on here so far this week. I have even gone into the sewing room and basically turned around and walked out. I have been here, done this before. Hopefully this weekend my sewing mojo will return. Right now too much is going on with work, health, etc. and sewing something is just not doing it for me.

I continue to be inspired by others but just in a "sewist block" now. The good thing is that it is Friday, payday and like a kid, I start to stay up late tonight, watch taped TV programs and know that tomorrow there is no alarm clock to wake me up.



  1. The consolation for waking up on Friday mornings is not re-setting the alarm for the next day. Your mojo will return, just enjoy doing other things for now.

  2. I feel like that about Fridays too...thank goodness that blasted alarm won't ring for 2 more days! Enjoy your weekend...hopefully you will get some sewing done.

  3. I have nearly chosen the same blog layout at yours. It was so hard to decide for one. It looks so cute!

  4. The mojo will return, and when it does, it will return in a fury!



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