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The skirt is finished and I still need to take photos of the completed skirt. I cut out the Vogue jacket pattern today. I decided to pin fit the pattern again as I found a note I made when I started this pattern before. The note was about issues with the bottom of the jacket not hanging correctly.

The real issue was that I had not made an adequate FBA the first time around. So I added another inch using FFRP method for princess seams. Pin fitted again and pleased with the pattern fit. I just did have enough fabric left to make it. I did run out of lining fabric. I only needed to cut out the side front lining piece so used the polyester charmuese fabric that I am also using to make a blouse.

I plan to make this McCall's blouse. I plan to make View D. The fabric is from Gorgeous Fabrics. Here is a photo of the fabric. I also used some of this as lining for the jacket. Learning from others who use silk or poly charmuese, you really need to cut the pieces single layered as this is truly slippery fabric. Having it folded, the fabric was fighting against itself.


  1. I'm need some acronymic help. I know what a fba is, but what is a ffrp. As a full figured woman, this may be something that I could use. Thanks, Judi


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