One new technique learned

One of my sewing affirmations for 2009 was to learn at least two new sewing techniques.

As many of you know from reading here, I hate to do much hand sewing. I don't think I am very good at it; plus my right hand hurts when I do a lot of hand sewing. I have always attached my linings to zipper tape by hand. However, most of the time I just don't like the look of it when I am through.
While thumbing through the book "Easy Guide to Sewing Linings", I found a section on attaching linings to invisible zippers. Thus I tried with much success the first time when I completed the Butterick skirt recently. When finishing up the Vogue skirt, I decided to try it again. I am pleased that the results were good again. So this will become my method of choice from now on. Here are two photos showing the attached lining to visible zipper.

I sometimes ask myself why did I not know this before. I have been sewing forever. I know that no one taught this to me either and of course, did not figure it out on my own. I have found this book to be one of the most helpful books on linings and I highly suggest it to others as well.


  1. Beautiful work on that lining! The zipper is perfect.

  2. I always sew the lining to the zipper by hand and have been thinking of a way to to it by machine. It looks very profesional the way you've done it. I will try to get hold of the lining book. I've noticed that in shop bought skirts and dresses, if they are at all lined, the lining is often not attached to the zips. Thanks for sharing. I've only just come across your blog and couldn't help laughing when I saw what you wrote in your sewing background posting. I so agree about your statement about sewing being better than a psychiatrist, I'd much rather spending money in the fabric shops than at a shrink or at the pharmacy/chemist.

  3. That looks very good. I recently bought that book on lining, and will remember to try this method. Thanks for showing your result.

  4. I know I have this book. Must look for it.


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