Cold and Sewing

It is extremely cold here today! When I got up it was 0 degrees!!!!! Thus coffee, email and sewing were my priorities today. I have completed my Vogue skirt. I finally got the waist and hip fitted correctly. I will do a review at PR later. I also need to do a review for my Butterick skirt that I completed about two weeks ago.

I took some photos of fabric I am going to use to make a blouse and if possible use to line the Vogue jacket that I have decided to make to go with this skirt. I will post those photos later.

I have a three day weekend so I truly have some ambitious sewing plans.


  1. Good for you! Enjoy your 3 day weekend and I hope it proves to be a productive and peaceful one! Stay warm! Mary

  2. I'm feeling the same weather here in Michigan, but we're getting 6 more inches of snow today. Oh darn... nothin' to do, but sew!!!

  3. It's been cold here too :( No three day weekend though - we don't get monday off!

  4. Isn't this weather just awful? I just keep telling myself, only 4 more months or so until it starts getting sufficiently warm again. But enjoy your 3-day weekend, and hope you get lots of sewing done!


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