I was very productive today!

I love days off from work, especially when I have the house to myself. I got up at 7:15, that's late for me. I fixed coffee and read a few emails. At 8:00 I was in my sewing room ready to get started on sewing my skirts. Since the sewing machine and serger were threaded for black, I decided to sew the Butterick skirt using the fabric from Fabric Mart bundle that is black and white, a mini-houndstooth. I am not sure what the fabric content is, I am thinking linen or cotton blend. It does wrinkle.

I decided that I would sew the skirt fabric as well as the corresponding lining fabric. I followed the instructions and sewed the center and side back pieces first. I decided to use an invisible zipper, so I inserted that first in the center back piece and then sewed from hemline up to zipper to eliminate that pucker one can get using an invisible zipper. I then sewed the side back pieces to the center back. I did the same with the skirt lining pieces.

The view I am making has the pleated pockets on the front so that is the piece I worked on next. You make the pleats, baste them down. You then attach the pocket piece and then the lower side front is attached to the upper side front and you have created the pocket. I did the same with the lining except I did not insert a pocket. I had to stitch down the upper and bottom side front pieces since they were not attached to a pocket piece for the lining. This worked out great.

The completed side piece is then attached to the center front piece. Again I did this for the lining pieces as well.

I then took a break for lunch and a shower. After that I took a nap. I am getting over a cold that continues to plague me. After resting, I then basted the side seams of the skirt together to try on for fitting. I had to take deeper seams as the skirt was rather large on me. I decided to use the pattern's finished measurements as to what size to cut. I originally thought that the hip area would be to big and it was, but better safe than sorry. It is much easier to take up seams than to let them out. The waistline was a little big also. From this I decided that a future skirt from this pattern can be made using one size smaller for waist and one size smaller from hip to hemline.

The lining is ready to be attached to the skirt and then I will apply the facings and hem. I had to stop sewing prior to this as we have some New Year's eve plans and I need to get ready for tonight. Photos and more tomorrow.


  1. Oh Linda, it sounds like you had a marvelous New Year's Eve day! I had to work today, but I'm off the rest of the week and have big sewing plans! I started my New Year's weekend off right--with a trip to Hancock's on my way home from work for some pretty patterns and a few little notions. They had a wonderful sale, but they closed early and I got there less than 30 minutes before they were closing for the night so I just bought what was on my list, for once didn't paw through the fabric, and scooted my little self home. Can't wait to see pictures of the skirt!!

  2. I also love it when I have all day to sew! It doesn't happen often enough. You did have a productive day.


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