Thank you for the nomination!

Thank you to Jackie, who came out of lurkdom to comment on a recent blog post, nominated me for the Premio-2008 award. Thank you. I am truly flattered. Jackie's blog is called "Jackie's Sewing". According to Jackie's post, I am to post the award on my blog and tell who nominated me. That's done.

Next I am to select 6 to 10 bloggers to whom I would like to give this award to. So many have been nominated so I will try to come up with 6 new ones. Here goes:
  • 2BSewing-she is also lives in Virginia
  • Elaray-her blog is Another Creation, a person who I will one day meet in Charlottesville, VA
  • Phatchick Designs-believe me she is not "phat" and she makes lovely garments
  • Krystal-aka Pirouette, blog is called Krustallos
  • Dana-her blog is Lean Mean Sewing Machine
  • Adrienne-her blog is Real Life: Live and Unscripted
Paste these rules on your blog. -Done
Write 6 of your most important values:
-Respectful of others
6 negative points you condemn:
-Unethical behavior

Inform the recipients by leaving a comment on their blog.


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