Sewing plan was accomplished

Well I got the blouse pattern cut out. I am using fabric from my stash that I acquired from JoAnn fabrics perhaps three years ago. I wanted to use this as a wearable "muslin" before cutting into my really good fabric. This is a polyester, microfiber of some sort.

I also cut out the Butterick jacket pattern. I found some marking errors with this pattern when pin fitting it. I am making view C and this has pleats at the yoke front and back. When I pinned the pleats for the front pattern I used the numbers for the size to pin the pleat. When I pinned the front yoke to the front bottom it did not line up correctly. After unpinning, I looked at the marking for the pleats and found they had mislabled the pleats. If you follow the pleat marking you find that you cannot go by the number marking but the pleat marking itself. So if you are planning on making this, you may want to make a note to check your pattern. I decided to lengthened the jacket by one inch. It is a shrunken jacket style but I liked the length of it when I pin fitted it but that length was before turning up the hem, thus the decision to lengthened.

The fabric I am using is very ravelly so I will be using lightweight fusible on all pieces to help stablize the fabric and will serge all edges also. Here is a shot of the pattern laid out on the fabric prior to my cutting it.


  1. I like the McCall shirt, I looked on OOP on the website and couldn't find it. Maybe on ebay...

  2. I like the style. The fabric is a nice fall colour.

  3. I love the fabric you used..! A month back I too got similar fabric from Joann.


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