Sewing Update

I got the buttons sewn on the blouse last night. I have a nice foot for my machine for sewing on buttons. Yet the buttons I chose for this blouse have a decorative design on it, sort of vintage look. They just would not stay in cased with the foot to sew them on. I broke one needle during the process.

I ended up removing the foot and just sewing with the shank/ankle holding the button down to sew them on.

I finished the seam allowances by serging. This AM I interfaced the fold on facing and collar. I decided that the collar needed a double layer of the interfacing (So Soft) I was using. I think this worked well. I sewed the darts in the back and have the front darts ready to sew.

DH is up now so time to fix us some breakfast. It feels good to be sewing again. More later.



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