I leave for DC this AM. I spent most of Monday evening packing and then putting the rest together this morning. I always pack sewing magazines and fiction books to take to help me get to sleep or when I get some down time. I can do this when I am driving not flying. I have not flown in over a year or two. I truly hate it these days. I was never a good flyer in the first place; now I am clueless as to what one can and cannot carry on a plane. My last few times I did fly, I was pulled to have my luggage opened and items viewed. It is simply a hassle, yet I am one to admit I want to feel secure when flying.

So since I will not be able to go into my sewing room, fondle fabric, pick up a pattern or do any of the things one normally does when going into their sewing sanctum; I will have sewing mags with me. I will access the Internet and such in between meetings on the hill and training sessions. I always want to feel like I am at home though away.

I am hoping to squeeze a side trip to G Street. I am staying on Pennsylvania Avenue so will have to determine where I am compared to G Street in Rockville. Those little GPS units do come in handy if one finds time. I have to admit my last trip to DC using a GPS unit, I found myself lost and in DC at 12th &D and I was suppose to be in Arlington. Go figure!!!


  1. If you're staying on Pennsylvania Ave NW and don't have time to make it to G Street, don't forget Exquisite Fabrics on K Street. NAYY, just a prowler of DC area fabric shops. And at 1155 21st street right now at the Japanese Information Center there's a kimono show...


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