Fabric purchase

I fell in love with some fabric while shopping at JoAnn's the other week. Since I won the gift certificate door prize for JoAnn's at our ASG meeting Thursday night, I decided to go to JoAnn's and purchase the fabric yesterday. I used my gift certificate, my ASG JoAnn's discount card, plus a 40% off discount for one item coupon and made the fabric as well as some notions/threads purchase.

The fabrics are cotton, rayon and polyester blends. Some are machine washable should I choose to go that route. Here are some photos of my haul.

The middle photo is Gutermann thread in a variety of colors. The sewing box is reusable as the thread spools sit on a cylinder so as you use thread up you can put another thread spool of this size in its place. I also was able to purchase invisible zippers in matching or similar colors to use in the dresses I plan to make from the solid fabrics. I was tickled as I have only been able to find white, beige or black invisible zippers locally.


  1. Nice goodies. I love the colours of your fabrics!

  2. What a great haul! I love the colors - they have such a nice springy feel to them.

  3. You did VERY good! The colors are lovely shades.

  4. I think that I like the fact that you got so many discounts...y'know besides the fact that you got a pretty amazing haul!


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