My new purchase

For some time now I have wanted to buy a tripod to use when taking photos. I saw a Gorillapod some time back and kept thinking about buying it but never found a good deal. I got an email from Kodak about specials and there it was. I got it for $15, usually sells for $29. I ordered it around the 14th and I received it on Tuesday!
Isn't it a cutey?

It is so small, but you can put it anywhere, twist the legs so that is grasps what you are putting it on and then set the timer on your camera and then put yourself in the scene.

I tried it out this AM and to fully document that I was SEWING AGAIN!!!!

This photo was taken with the camera and pod sitting on my cutting table. Using the zoom, I took a close up of me at my sewing machine. This is my usual routine on Sunday AM. DH still asleep, me having had coffee and then going to sewing room while everything is quiet!

This is a shot with the pod hooked onto my dress form to get a side view of my sewing. The legs on the pod bend and I enclosed them around the neck of the dress form. I then angled the camera down.


  1. What a gadget! I just read that PR article on taking pictures and it sounded so cool.

  2. I like that! Does it only fit Kodak cameras?

  3. I hope that I can get one of these. Too cool. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I looooove my little Gorilla-pod, too. I've discovered it works well to stabilize the camera against your chest with it when taking snapshots.


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